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Certificates of Deposit

Type of DepositMinimum Amount to Open AccountMaturityInterest Rate %Annual Percentage Yield % (APY)Compounding Frequency
6 Month Certificate$1,000.006 Month0.089%0.09%Quarterly
12 Month Certificate$1,000.0012 Month0.149%0.15%Quarterly
18 Month Certificate$1,000.0018 Month0.199%0.20%Quarterly
24 Month Certificate$1,000.0024 Month0.349%0.35%Quarterly
30 Month Certificate$1,000.0030 Month0.349%0.35%Quarterly
36 Month Certificate$1,000.0036 Month0.499%0.50%Quarterly
48 Month Certificate$1,000.0048 Month0.599%0.60%Quarterly
60 Month Certificate$1,000.0060 Month0.748%0.75%Quarterly
IRA Certificates must be for 12 months or more