Lending Solutions

Lending Solutions The lending team at Stifel Bank understands that you deserve nothing but the best, whether you are looking for a mortgage, a home equity loan, a securities-based loan, or a business loan. Low rates are just the start of what we offer; here are just a few of the competitive advantages that make Stifel Bank lenders sought after by clients around the country:

Stifel Bank & Trust Competitive Advantages

  • Experience

    Our processing team has decades of experience. While others may hire college grads to service your loan, each of our twenty lenders, on average, have been making loans for over twenty years.

  • Professionalism

    We work diligently to get things right the first time. In the rare case of a mistake, we clean it up… quickly. We get to the closing table one time, delivering you precisely what we’ve promised.

  • Low Closing Costs

    No junk fees. No hidden or unnecessary charges. Honest billing for honest, professional work.

  • Ethical Lending

    This is our credo. We only make affordable, sustainable, and socially-responsible loans that make sense for you.

  • Efficiency

    Our experienced professionals often accomplish more in any given day than many of our competitors, some of which have three times the number of people we do to complete the same amount of loans.

  • St. Louis

    Compared to many other major metropolitan areas, St. Louis has a lower cost of living and operating expenses. That lower overhead translates into very competitive loan packages for our clients.

  • Our Team

    A dynamic, responsive, and expressive workplace ensures that each member of our team is happy, productive, working hard, and playing hard. We believe a vibrant workplace culture that caters to our team members' needs (instead of the other way around) ultimately benefits you, our business, and our community through better professional growth, higher productivity, and genuine involvement.

  • Stifel

    Our list of competitive advantages would not be complete without mention of our parent company, Stifel Financial Corp., as well as our colleagues at Stifel, a world-class financial services company headquartered in St. Louis with wealth management offices across the country. Thanks to Stifel's nearly 2,000 Financial Advisors, we have a low-cost source of reliable funds.